Dear, Broken Heart! (I need you, I don’t need you.)

Dear, Broken Heart (I need you, I don’t need you)

I wish you would leave me alone you follow me everywhere I go I don’t need you so just go! Leave, walk out the door can’t you tell I don’t need you anymore.

Come back I didn’t mean it. I say these things because I hate that we know each other so much that you can finish my sentence. I hate that you make me mad and you make that face I love so much to get me back. I hate that your the only one that knows what to do when I’m sad. I hate that you know about my life about my Mama and how I lost my Dad. I hate the fact that I love you so much I do need you I just don’t need anymore broken hearts.

Broken heart I don’t need you because I’m just tired of crying and saying “I’m done” I’m tired of talking to my friends about our problems when I know that I should be talking to you about them. I just want to be happy so I need you to go. go away broken heart its sad and I know but it just has to be so.

Crying in my room thinking about you how we could have been, how much I hurt you but you wasn’t  the only one who got hurt I never wanted this to happen I could say I’m done with it but it lurks in me. then I realize that I do need you broken heart.

I need you because you’ve taught me how to better myself to love myself before anyone else. To keep my eyes out so you wont come back to haunt me again. I need you because you so I could give someone else a chance to chase you away and to bury you in the dirt to pile a lot of love over you so I can be and stay happy.

So long broken heart. You wont be missed!


I love colors blue, yellow, orange, And green but the color I obsess about the most is Pink!

 Pink is my favorite color out of all the colors in the world

Everything I wear has something to do with Pink. Pink is either on it or I’ll put pink on it.

Pink is the prettiest color to me. If I could change everything pink I would in a heart beat.

Pink is the color of my favorite animal the Flamingo.

Some people think I am obsessed with the color pink. I just laugh because I say I’m not but I know I am.

My mom noticed I wear pink a lot so she calls me her Pink Barbie.

Pink to me feels like love and happiness.

Pink to me sounds quiet and shy.

The big thing about pink to me is I just love the color. I will cherish anything that is pink.

I haven’t always loved the color pink. Before pink there was red, blue, orange, green, and yellow. I’ve liked pink since the 6th grade and I don’t think that I’m going to stop liking pink for a long time. 🙂


cyberbulling is wrong to do to someone because cyberbulling has consequences like death and no one wants to have to live with knowing that they have bullied someone to the point that they killed themelves.Unfortunately, because it is available to everyone – both good and bad, criminals have found a way to exploit the beneficial aspects of the Internet.(Millie Anne cavanaugh) this is a bad thing becuase this means that the mean and bad people have a way to do and say bad things to you. we have to stop this!!

what I Noticed,Think,and Wonder about Immigration

Yesterday we my class met mike fisher and we did something called Live Binder it was exciting and fun. I had a great time, but today we did somrthing called Notice,Think,and wonder and we had to look back in the Live Binder and see what people were talking about. I did mine on immigration and what I noticed was that most people on there thought that all immigration had somthing to do with smuggling drugs in the U.S. and that  isnt true some immigration has to do with other people wanting a diffrent or better life. What I thought about that was why are people thinking that? don’t they know that not all immigrants have to have drugs they can have other things to harm the U.S. like bombs and other explosives. WHat i wondered about this was if they think that immigration is about smuggling drugs in then what do they think about the immigrants that just want a better life for themselves or their families?

What is the Most Significant Issue Facing society Today?

I think the biggest issue in society is abortion. I think that more of the teens are having kids and not wanting to take care of them. I’m not saying all teens are like that but most teens are. This has to change because if it doesn’t girls are going to think this is alright to do and its not. There are other options like adoption or just letting a trusted family member watch the child until you feel like your ready to have a baby.

Illigal Immagrants

Why are people coming to america?

Many people are coming to america for many reasons one reason is because they want a better life for or there children. Another reason is because of ecconomic reasons. Children are allowed to become a citizen of the country that they are currently in by the age of 18. If not they will be deported back to where their home country. The immagrant that do come to america usually have very good sources so they have a good way to get here. Others who have no kind of souces usually get cought and is deported back to the country they came from. So just know if your trying to get to a different country without a passport or visa then you are most likely to get cought.

(“illigal immagration”)





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Diary on Tokyo

April 1,2015

This is my first time writing on this site as a diary but the reason why I’m writing in this is so my family can trace back to where i first started designing clothes.

I found a man named Mr. Yamee in Tokyo my favorite place in the whole world. he wants to see my designs so he can judge them and if he likes them he is going to get someone to put them in stores so i could  get money to go meet him and we will design together. im nervous because i’ve never gotten anyone’s opinion before and i don’t even know what he’ll think. will he look at it and go eww? or will he look at it and go hmm interesting? i dont know and its making me scared. maybe i just need to get my friends to look at them then i’ll feel more confident about them yeah that’s what i’ll do.

April 7,2015

Well I finnaly got Mandaijahh and Zendaijahh to look at the designs and I sent them because I am confident now because they said that they were wonderful so I am very confident about my designs now. I just hope he will be too. It is very hard to tell what my feelings are but I know it is between nervouse and confident because I don’t know what kinds of colors they wear and what kind of  material they use it’s just nerve racking to send my designs to a whole diffrent country and not know what the man looks like he could be an old man and not know the fashion there at all. I dont know and it’s killing me.

April 9,2015

Now I’m really nervous. I did some research on Mr. Yamee it turnes out he is the biggest designer in Tokyo that huge beause here I am thinking he’s this old man when really he’s younger than me! Tomorow he should be responding on my design’s i can’t wait this is a big opertunity for me and I just hope I get to be as big as he is.

April 10,2015

Ok he answered and he said…. he wants to put my designs in the stores he said that they are wonderful and colorful and he said he loves that. I’m so excited about this I called everyone and let them know and mama said she was proud of me but I haven’t told her that I want to go to Tokyo so I could see how my designs are accualy doing. I don’t think she’s going to like that but I would like to get a lot of money for both of us to go. just think one day I’m going to Tokyo. I can’t wait till that happenes. Just me n mama.

April 15,2015

Mr.Yamee sent me pictures of his sisters wearing my clothes. It was amazing he said his sister loves my design and wants me to design her wedding dress he says it’s going to be in his back yard. So I’m thinking there are going to be a lot of people there so I have to make an impretion. I’m thinking green and a little pink sence its going to be outside and I know that it’s going to be beautiful. I’m about to start on the dress now.

April 16,2015

OMG i just got a message from Mr. Yamee he wants to fly me to Tokyo so I could customise the dress and he wants me to bring my family and friends too. I can’t wait the wedding isn’t untill the middle of May. May 20th to be exact. I cant’t waid I’m going to bring Mama, Mandaijahh, and Zendaijahh It’s going to be so much fun this is a dream come true.

                                                                                 to be continued…

Tokyo inquiry

My inquiry focuses on Tokyo.  It is my favorite place to see and I just think it’s an interesting place. Because of th pictures that I always see of Tokyo it always relaxes me. I just love the people and where they come from and their life style its just a beautiful place it makes me envy them. I hope one day I will be able to live there as well and design clothes so I could just watch people walk around with the clothes that I made. That’s my dream to see everyone in Tokyo wearing my clothes. it would make me believe that they do like my creativity and the style that I do im not saying that I want people going around looking like me I  just want people to see the real crazy me.